Who said house work wasn’t sexy?

August 8, 2008

Sassy, sexy and useful were the criteria I set off with on my birthday-gift perusal of the interweb.

My cybernet recce was not unsuccessful. It has been long recognized that there is a certain sexiness surrounding the housewife act, be it French maid orientated or domestic goddess Nigela Lawson’s seductive hair-flicking finger-suckling homemaker-theatrics.

Today I discovered Jessie Steeles’ practical, about- the-house, vintage pin-up aprons

I have a particular penchant for the full length hostess style.

My imaginiation gets the better of me.   I’m transported into a rustic farmhouse kitchen, taking a moment to stoke the Aga before returning to kneading dough on a large wooden workbench. Enter strapping woodcutter-type, who stoops through the low doorway, tossing the shirt he holds in his hand aside. I have barely enough time to turn around before he strides towards me, lifting me up back onto the workbench sending clouds of flour into the air. Hungrily kissing my lips and neck, his strong large workers hands slide stealthily beyond my knee and further up under my dress and fabulous apron, past my inner thighs until he’s ripping at my stockings and artfully navigating around my panties. The air is filled with flour clouds, grunts and ecstatic gasps of breath as we grapple and thrust our way to a 1950’s sensual nirvana…


Where’s my credit card…


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