Maquita Oliver; visual nightmare

August 20, 2008

Having style, to me, is someone who can use colour, shape and pattern to create an interesting visual effect.

Regarding clothes, the style has to achieve an over all purpose, to be striking, to be functional and to be flattering. Flattering styles obviously vary depending on cultural social norms. Generally in western culture it is deemed attractive if a female is slim and tall, or even slim and curvaceous. Manly because these are charateristics common within fit and healthy individuals, and ultimately females who are going to be better well equipt to carry children, and give birth (Sorry to get all phsyio/anthropological on you!).

Different shapes suit different styles. Someone with understanding of form, will chose to wear designs that emphasis their assets and skirt over their problem areas.

Which brings me to Maquita Oliver – who is responsible for those visual nightmares!? And why haven’t they been fired!? Because Maquita has been wearing shit threads for years, since dinosaurs roamed the land, basically as long as she’s been on telly.

She can’t possibly have been misfortunate enough to score shite stylist upon shite stylist. Maybe she’s done something to piss of the style professionals an small but elite group of wardrobe employees have vowed to sacrife their careers in order to Keep /maquita looking short, chunky and bow legged as she strains out of skirts, busts out of leggings. The poor girl looks uncomfortable!! Some throw her a lifeline, or just maybe a size chart, time to face up to some home truths Maquita, a size 12 you are not!


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