Tips on looking *hot* in stockings and suspenders this christmas

December 3, 2008

Christmas festivities are in full swing, and you are harbouring desires to snuggle up with your loved by an open fire, with champers or maybe following a few mulled wines, and possibly on that old clichéd favourite; the animal skin rug. And to complete the scene, you very much want to strip down to some sexy underwear, maybe a corset, busque, matching (lets face it in day-to-day wear this is unusual for the average girl) bra and knickers, and most definitely accompanied by suspenders and stockings.


PANIC! The past few winter months (not to mention preceding miserable summer season) have got in the way of your ideal svelte bronzed self and the idea of squeezing into thigh-emphasising stockings fills you with dread. Do not worry, because I filled with the same dread, have come across a few helpful tricks. Note, these are not miraculous mind-bending feats of the super natural, merely a couple of ideas so obvious you may not have thought they would help.

Firstly, stockings are a must, the ultimate sensual luxury item – but not kind on those without the Kate Moss ‘my knees are wider than my thighs’ kinda legs. I found buying extra large sizes really helped! They are longer on the leg, therefore lengthening your own limbs, and most importantly, do not eat into the thigh. Do not be put off buying XL or even XXL, these sizes will only flatter and in now way swamp, and there are no size labels on the garment so no need for the object of you affection to have any idea. I’m personally a big fan of the agent provocateur line, and actually Anne Summers also have a good selection! (I sound surprised because whilst fun, Ann Summers is often anything but classy, although recently I have to say have gratefully eaten my words)


Secondly, go for detail! Large bows or ribbons around the hem of the stocking tack the eye away from the revealed thigh, giving a sexy overall image without laying bare all your insecurities. Hems and design up the back lengthen legs aswell as give a touch of 50s glamour to the ensemble.

Thirdly, no-brainer-fake tan! Not ridiculous amounts resulting in a tangoed strip of flesh so far removed from your natural tone, that that area is the only conceivable area for focus! But slightly browner skin does give the appearance of being slimmer and more toned.


Fourthly, suspender belts aren’t for everyone. Yes they are retro chic, but they do sit on your waste, and if your not the right shape, then they just aren’t flattering. I noticed some cool knickers from Anne Summers with suspender hooks hanging from the lower hem, embellished with ribbons being sold from Anne Summers (again standing corrected) These were large enough to hold everything in that you didn’t want hanging out, but were undoubtedly sexy and very girly, with ruffles around the leg area masking any saddle-bag areas of concern.

If you really are a curvy lady than you are going to have the bosoms you match, make these a feature with push up bras or busques leaving him unable to tear his eyes away.

And finally, without sounding like a patronising Americanised self-help book, there is nothing more sexy than self confidence, if you are going to put it on, make sure you wear with pride, your partner will not even begin to notice your feared areas for concern if you strut your stuff with lots of attitude. However, if you are going to flick the lights off as soon as you emerge from the bathroom or scoot straight under the duvet, I would really advise not bothering in the first place! More importantly, don’t forget you are dressing up for you as much as him, have fun with it and explore your naughty festive side!



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