Welcome to my musings, I am Stellar Dor. So named because according to my mother I was conceived under a starry night, and daughter to an avid J R Tolkein enthusiast, who once famously stated that the phonetics of word pairing ‘cellar door’ were the most beautiful in all of modern language (Tolkein, not my father!)

Anyway I’ll keep it short and sweet, I am a twenty something with a fervent lust for life. I thrive on excitement and adventure. But don’t mistake me for a flakey thrill-seeker, I am fiercely loyal and committed to that which I hold dear.

This is not an account of my sexual exploration, or another fashion blog. This is my realm; I will not limit my self to niche topics, I shall muse as I please. This said, I revel in my sex and make no apologies for penning female-centric content, design, mode, gadgets, relationships, and current affairs are all likely to crop up more than the latest football results.

I have an ardent love for red shoes, make of that what you will.

All comments and discussion thoroughly welcome.


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