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Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton

October 15, 2008

Holly and Fearne make quite the dream combo, according to our boys. Not only are the two bombshells fine of face and figure, but they are also funky. And importantly, whilst complementary their styles contrast.

Lady-like Holly, appealing to the wholesome (yet not vomit-inducing) girly-girl enthusiast is renowned for ensembles flattering of the curvy-lady; synched waists, tailored jackets and kick-skirts indicative of the 1950’s. Holly has not been without her critiques and has come under-fire for wearing revealing dresses with plunging neck-lines before the water shed however these dresses are perfect examples of her penchant for the 1950’s glamour, and the very reason she is such a hit with the boys. I am of a similar shape to Holly and also love the glamour of the 50’s and have long peppered my wardrobe with such outfits.

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