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Christmas Gifts – Edgy Laptop bags for guys…and girls

December 3, 2008

The month of Christmas is here and as I’m busy busy busy I’m trying to shop exclusively for gifts online. Don’t get me wrong, I *love* wandering around the likes of Camden lock at Christmas or visiting Christmas markets, but fighting my way through bargain-hungry crowds, the like who take no prisoners, on a grey and miserable winters eve is most definitely not my idea of fun.vaja-bag

However, a couple of days in and things are going as smoothly as I had hoped! I’ve decided that a funky laptop bag is the perfect gift for my geeky boyfriend, and actually there are a lot to choose from online. The problem I’m having is that few seem to marry style and geek-chic functionality. They either remind me of bulky bags once donned in early teenhood, or are way too business-slick. Girls on the other hand are spoilt for choice!! There are so many different styles! Fun, retro, sophisticated designer, all of which appeal!!

Why is it that the guys selection is proving sooo much more difficult!?

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